Deliver rare and desired goods. Very simple business.

Salesteam of "Shinsoken Inc." aims to do simple business, delivering desired goods to customers.

So we are able to deliver excellent and valuable goods as fast as possible at low cost.

For example, Japanese traditional crafts

Japanese traditional crafts have outstanding quality and value.

We export these to overseas.

Package neatly and deliver carefully.

This heart of Japan and "Shinsoken Inc." has been accepted by overseas customers.


We own warehouses.

If you would like to use our warehouses, please contact us.

Do business and grow together. This is our corporate philosophy.

Overseas to Japan, Japan to overseas.

Or overseas to overseas.

We support to make plans.

Product appeal

Novelties, expendables.

We supply markets with all sorts of items.

When our buyers and partners visit your company, please welcome us.

We also recruit partners who think about sales together.

We are willing to accept foreign - affiliated companies aiming to expand business in Japan.

Logistics management

We have IT solution department.

Our systems manage goods and specialists work in a responsible way.

Our policy is to deal with goods as our children.


Electrical products

Electronics products

Power generating equipment

Wireless products

Japanese traditional crafts

Overseas traditional crafts

Office supplies

Office facilities